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More than three decades of delivering the highest quality of products to customers have led Jalice to be one of the most trusted brands in the office furniture industry in the Middle-East. Currently operating at a 15,000 square meter state of the arts manufacturing facility, Jalice offers a range of office furnishing solutions, from the modest administrative desks to complicated modern partition wall systems.

Starting from its very first product, a simple computer desk, in 1974 until now, customer’s needs and satisfaction has always been the main focus and drive behind every decision that takes place in the company. Jalice office furnishing group will continue to hold itself to the highest standards and will insure to use innovation and latest technologies to technologies to keeps its brand synonymous with quality and trust.

Jalice Production Process

It is obvious that the production process of each product is defined according to its design and function. Still considering the case, the production process of a product in Jalice factory can be summarized as follows:

The cutting of cellulose parts including MDF, chipboard and HPL by cutting machines (CUT) with an accuracy of 0.3 mm and the minimum amount of waste produced from the sheets.
The edge banding of workpieces by industrial Edge Banding Machines in Jalice Company.
CNC Machining steps, which include drilling operations, curving and rectangular cutting, milling, grooving and finally the edge banding of the curved sections by CNC Edge Banding Machines.
The pressing workpieces which includes the production of light panel sheets with 5 cm thickness, as well as producing the required doors for the partition unit.
The painting section in which some parts of the products get completed with special processes and technologies and polyurethane paint coating.
The Warehouse Unit based on the program provided by Industrial Engineering Unit, prepares the hardware and connecters required for the production and assembly and supplies them to the same unit.
According to the program provided by Industrial Engineering Unit, Assembly Unit receives the components produced in the first stage of production and machining, and after doing the cleaning steps, transfers them to the assembly line for installing the hardware and connectors.
Final assembly of the components of each product for preparation and delivery to Quality Control Unit.
After assembling the products, the final quality and quantity control, by means of control checklists, is applied and finally, the different steps of packaging, transportation and storage of the products in the warehouse are done, till delivery to the final destination.

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